As of December 29, 2017, the Company has registered capital of THB 1,245,284,305 divided into 1,245,284,305 common shares with a par value of THB 1 per share. The paid-up capital was THB 1,245,283,691 representing 1,245,283,691 common shares with a par value of THB 1 each

Major Shareholders as of December 29, 2017



Source: :  Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited
Note : 1. Shareholders ranked 1-32 are members of the Tanthathoedtham Family who hold a total of 943,265,124 shares accounting for 75.75% of the Company’s paid up shares capital
: 2. Mr.Viroj Thanalongkorn, majority shareholder of the Sabina Public Company Limited holding 74.59% of the Company’s total paid – up shares as of August 28, 2017
: 3. Updated as of the latest book closing date.