Company and Subsidiaries’ Business Profile




Business Overview

N.C. Group is a full scale residential housing developer brand “Baa Pha“ that has a special design concept for each of its projects and after sales service with a community management service.

N.C. Group puts emphasis on the selection of its project sites located within the city and its vicinity. The key for site selection is an area that has comprehensive public infrastructure with a high growth potential. These features distinguish N.C. Housing communities from others.

The Company successfully developed 53 projects with total project value of 36 Billion Baht as of December 2017 and The Company’s projects classified by zones are as follows:


Northern Bangkok in the area of Rangsit – Ongkarak and Lumlookka
Baan Pha Piyarom Tendro
Baan Pha Piyarom Lake Grande
Baan Pha Piyarom Niva
NC on Green Charm
Western Bangkok in the area of Pinkloa Ring Road and Budhamonthon
NC Royal Pinklao
Baan Pha Greenery Pinklao-Sai 5
Baan Pha Townee
Baan Pha Greenery Pakkred-Ratchapruek
Other areas  in the area of North Pattaya, Chaiyapornvitee Road, Chonburi
Natureza Condominium (P.1-2)
Baan Pha Greenery North Pattaya Chalyaponvitee (Closed)
in the area of Muang District, Chiang mai Diamant Condominium